Letters to the Editor

Mark Brenner: Editorial skewed facts on Phoenix

California veterans earn their post-9/11 GI Bill benefits. But a recent editorial, “GI Bill funds failing for-profit California colleges” (Opinions, July 3), based on reporting from The Center for Investigative Reporting, skewed facts and ignored others to fit an ideological-informed opinion. Modesto Bee editors owe their readers the facts, which we’ve published at www.apollo.edu/learnmore. Critically, the low graduation rates you cite have already been discredited by their own source – the Department of Education. And our institutions were not “banned” from state funding – that aid was deliberately redirected to state institutions as a budgetary matter. We hope the piece you ran from journalist Aaron Glantz will refocus your own newsroom on these important issues, and that you will help report facts still left unreported to your readers.

Mark Brenner, Senior Vice President,

Apollo Education Group, Phoenix, Ariz.