Letters to the Editor

David Donovan: Obviously, children set U.S. policy

After following the recent news about the large number of children flooding Texas via the southern U.S. border, I have determined who is now setting immigration policy for our country. It is not the president; he seems more concerned with providing the children with immigration lawyers. It is not Congress; it cannot or will not modify a Bush-era law to handle the situation more expeditiously. It is not the Supreme Court; it has ruled that states must bow to the ineffective (and unmotivated) federal authorities for protecting the states’ borders with Mexico and Canada.

So who is setting our policy? Children. Children from Honduras, etc.

Anyone who suggests that children, who call themselves refugees, be refused residence in the U.S. is considered heartless and uncaring. Is it heartless to ask how many refugee children can be accommodated in a country whose $17 trillion debt and sluggish economy are already sapping its vitality? Is that number 60,000? 60 million? Maybe one of those children can provide that number. The children have the power; do they have the wisdom?

David Donovan, Oakdale