Letters to the Editor

Alissa Lopez: Angry over bad NYC teachers

Regarding New York Post story “The 4 NYC teachers banned from classrooms who rake in millions” (July 13): I do not agree with the tenure laws protecting these four teachers. These laws are allowing them to get paid, along with pension and health care benefits. The four combined are making a total of $363,271 per year.

As a human being, I have come to realize that the world is an unfair and dangerous place, but as a student I have a right to feel safe at school. If a teacher treats me inappropriately, I expect there to be consequences. When teachers are charged with sexual misconduct with a student, they are jeopardizing a student’s safety. These teachers have chosen to abuse their power and they do not deserve to be continuously paid for a job they are not doing. They should not be protected for taking away a student’s right to feel safe. Although these teachers do work in offices, doing small tasks, I feel like there has been no justice served.

How are students supposed to feel safe if they know tenure laws basically give teachers a “get out of jail free” card?

Alissa Lopez, Ceres

Editor’s note: The four New York City teachers referenced by the Post were not convicted of a crime, but are not allowed to teach under a district disciplinary action.