Letters to the Editor

Kathryn Allen: Obama makes bad lunches worse

Regarding “First lady steps up to defend food program” (Page B5, July 6): Michelle Obama’s new food program that is being established all across the country is absolutely ridiculous. As a student, I know firsthand that cafeteria food already isn’t exactly appetizing. Now that the first lady is requiring all schools to abide by the new law, the already inedible food will become even more horrific.

Every year, fewer students buy school lunches simply because it is disgusting. The first lady’s new requirements will cause the already low profits being made from the students buying school lunches to plummet. Fewer students purchasing school lunches means less money being made, which ultimately leads to the cutting of important programs in a time where the budget is already a huge issue. I don’t remember the last time I ate a school lunch because of the fact that I could not stomach it. Simply put, no one, student or otherwise, wants to eat inedible food that will lead to the vanishing of important academic programs.

Kathryn Allen, Ceres