Letters to the Editor

George A. Condon: Bee’s CalPERS coverage appropriate

Congratulations on your coverage of the CalPERS debacle. If only the San Francisco Chronicle with its wider readership had done as well. The Chronicle’s coverage was located in Section D in the lower left corner of the first page.

In The Modesto Bee, the story was the lead headline on Page A1 of the July 12 edition, taking up almost half of the front page. This is where this story deserves to be. This episode of alleged corruption at the highest level of (I think) the world’s largest public pension system deserves far more attention and outrage than it has received. That thousands (or millions?) of California’s public employees’ pension assets could be at such risk is truly unconscionable.

Hopefully, this will lead to much more effective management and oversight by the legislature and others in the years to come.

George A. Condon, Ph.D., Ripon