Letters to the Editor

Mary Burch: CHP officer should be fired

Regarding “CHP chief calls for more training” (Page A3, July 15): Being a mother of a special child who is now 40 years old, I just burst into tears when I saw that video of the officer beating that poor woman on the side of the road.

I can’t believe that he is still working. Why wasn’t he fired and sent to prison? Do the cops have a right to beat someone like that when they’re not protecting themselves, when they’re just mad at the person for not following their orders?

If I wasn’t the age I am, I would hunt him down and hit him in the head to show him how it feels to be beaten. I am so angry.

How many petitions would I have to get signed to get that officer fired? I can’t imagine someone hitting my daughter in the head like that. There is no excuse for his actions and more training for him (“Officers need training to handle mentally ill,” Our View, July 10) to learn how to better do his job is laughable. I nearly dropped my cup of coffee when I read that article.

Mary Burch, Modesto