Letters to the Editor

Anna Bennett: Help others learn flag etiquette

Regarding “Show proper respect for our colors” (Letters, July 9): It is good the writer pointed out this problem of not showing respect to the Color Guard carrying the U.S. flag. I agree about showing proper respect, but I doubt that anyone intentionally meant to show disrespect.

We have become so casual that manners oftentimes are neglected. People have to be taught everything in life. We are not born knowing everything. We constantly learn from the time we are born. Even The Modesto Bee guides us with the headlines and articles. We learn by example; we see how life is addressed. We see how justice is done. We see how compassion works in time of need. The Modesto Bee even keeps the public in tune with what day it is and what kind of weather conditions to expect.

If we, as humans, have forgotten or never knew, then maybe the announcer at the parade can gently include a mention of showing respect as the parade moves along. We have to take responsibility to reach out to others. In other circumstances, such as restaurants, signs have to be posted to explain acceptable dress.

Anna Bennett, Delhi