Letters to the Editor

Mark Bomboy: Why are property taxes going up?

People need to pay more attention to local elections. Recently we voted in an “incumbent” assessor, Don Gaekle. He was an incumbent only because he was assigned by county supervisors to replace the previous assessor (Dave Cogdill Sr.), who left the post midterm for bigger buck$. Only a month after being elected, our new assessor started raising property taxes, the loss of revenue caused by the real estate crash being the justification. The actual cause of this crash was not the property owners, but the greedy real estate industry and banks. Seems like the banks and those who appraised shacks at ridiculously high prices should be the ones responsible.

We can’t keep the police department open 24/7, but we can build a new jail with drug rehab and hospital wings. We can’t remove mistletoe from the trees unless we raise garbage bills, but we can build a $3 million bike lane. We can’t take care of our curbs, gutters and streets, but we can buy up millions of dollars in land downtown to build a new courthouse. We can’t fill our industrial parks, so let’s annex Wood Colony and build more. Pay attention to local issues. They have a greater impact on your wallet.

Mark Bomboy, Modesto