Letters to the Editor

Nada Abdo: We should live up to our ideals

There has been much controversy over what initiatives the U.S. government will be taking regarding the 50,000 unattended children who have arrived from Central America. Many are against having the U.S. house them within our states, claiming that Americans are not responsible for these children. Others believe the U.S. is not financially stable enough to take on liability for such a large population.

I believe the issue should go to the United Nations, considering it has humanitarian-related origins.

If the decision were up to me, I’d do whatever it took to ensure the well-being of these young children. Similar to the immigrants who boarded ships for Ellis Island in the late 1890s, they put everything they had on the line in exchange for a brighter future. To deny them what they hoped for would be against all this country was built around, what we call the “American Dream” – the idea that the U.S. is the Mecca of freedom and land of opportunity. If these children are not given what they so badly long for, then the very ideals this country was built upon will go to shame.

Nada Abdo, Ceres