Letters to the Editor

James Glover: Corporations do have rights

Regarding “Bring on the revolution” (Letters, July 9): Does the writer have it right in calling for a new “revolution”? Why, one must ask, shouldn’t a corporation have the right to establish its own religious restrictions on its employees? It’s not a public entity (such as the state), so what gives anyone the right to dictate their own beliefs to the corporation? And, frankly, if one just can’t stomach working for said corporation, one has the right to leave and seek a corporation more closely aligned with one’s personal views.

While the writer is bemoaning the disrespect corporations and the government show their people, he commits the height of disrespect in referring to Thomas Jefferson as “Tommy.” Are you related to him? The perch you place yourself upon speaks to your hypocrisy. However, feel free to start a constitutional convention, or at least the process leading up to it. Do you really believe your First Amendment right to free speech would survive? I’d like to believe it would, but I don’t really think it would. Careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

James Glover, Modesto