Letters to the Editor

Karen Johnson: Are all cases treated the same?

I have the utmost respect for law enforcement and elected officials. I have, however, been reading with amazement and envy about the investigation into the September 2013 disappearance of Korey Kauffman, and the discovery of his body.

My family and I have suffered the devastating loss of a family member due to a violent and unsolved homicide. After almost eight painful years, his case, like many others, appears to have diminished in priority. I have seen all the resources used to investigate the Kauffman case. It has been reported that five different agencies were involved. So a few questions come to mind:

• Do all homicides in Stanislaus County receive the same investigative help from all those agencies?

• Is this the only “cold case” in Stanislaus County? Since the arrest, I suppose it is no longer a “cold case.”

• Do small towns whose police forces have diminished due to budget concerns receive help from all those agencies in investigating crimes?

• Do all unsolved homicide cases use electronic signs flashing requests for help from the public in solving their crimes, or just certain cases?

There seems to be an imbalance of resources depending on the case. I hope this is not true.

Karen Johnson, Oakdale