Letters to the Editor

Richard Hanson: Obama should resign from office

I saw the Mike Huckabee interview with Justina Pelletier, the 16-year-old girl who was held captive in a Massachusetts hospital for over a year, on Fox News. This little girl is doing very good now that she is out of that hospital. Those doctors who held her should lose their licenses and be sued for malpractice. Where was Obama when all of this was going on? Is this his Obamacare, or should we call it Obama Don’t Care?

I guess Obama was more interested in getting a deserter back and freeing four terrorists. Did you notice on TV how Obama was hugging the deserter’s mother? Yet Obama couldn’t even see the family of the American heroes who were murdered from Obama’s screw-ups.

There is the American Marine in Mexico in jail for over two months. What has Obama done to help him?

My opinion is Obama wants Ahmed Abu Khattala, the Benghazi terrorist tried in American court so he can pardon him before he leaves office.

Obama you say you have a pen, why don’t you sign your resignation?

Richard Hanson, Manteca