Letters to the Editor

Darlene Fox: Nurse glad the union didn’t prevail

Regarding “Nurses union rejects vote” (Page B1, July 9): For years we nurses at Memorial Medical Center have heard the promises and urgings of the California Nurses Association. We studied both sides of the argument, and we made a decision. We decided we are proud to work for a great hospital which has given us state-of-the-art equipment and resources to provide excellent care to our patients. We decided we are well paid and enjoying the friendly, family atmosphere of working in a non-union, not-for-profit hospital. We decided we had no reason to pay union dues to get what we already have.

In their efforts to get in the door, CNA sowed division, discontent and animosity in our family. Their reaction, once they heard our decision, made it clear their plan was fueled more by greed than by compassion for nurses.

Union bosses, now acting like spoiled children who aren’t getting their way, have left behind a trail of damaged relationships which we now have to work to repair. Thank God we work for a hospital that cares for both its patients and its employees. I’m very proud to be a Memorial Hospital nurse.

Darlene Fox, Ripon