Letters to the Editor

Robert Harrison: Traditions falling away

I’ve lived in Modesto for close to 40 years. While growing up here, I’ve continued to watch Modesto remove any and all of the great traditions we have built. From the simplest of things, such as allowing young people to cruise up and down McHenry, to completely ruining Graffiti Night, losing the Modesto A’s, and now not having a single option for citizens to attend on the Fourth of July!

I look at much smaller neighboring cities having fireworks displays and festivals, while here in Modesto we had the choice of which theater or restaurant to go to.

You couldn’t have kept the food booths and other vendors at Graceada Park we used to enjoy every year open? As a family, we would go barbecue at muni while listening to the sounds of the Modesto A’s.

Nowadays, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the city of Modesto stop the Fourth of July parade altogether.

Is it just me, or have those placed in charge of these events lost all sense of history and tradition?

Robert Harrison, Modesto

Editor’s note: The Modesto 4th of July Parade celebrated its 140th anniversary this year; the professional baseball team in Modesto changed names from A’s to Nuts when its affiliation changed from Oakland to Colorado, similar to when it changed from St. Louis to Oakland in the 1960s.