Letters to the Editor

Don Schneider: Briggsmore doesn’t need sidewalks

Why are we wasting so much money putting in new sidewalks on Briggsmore Avenue? That is a major high-speed boulevard. Now we are inviting onto Briggsmore the same hazardous bicycle and pedestrian situations we see every time we drive down Ninth Street in Modesto.

Have you seen our park along Tuolumne River lately? It is horrible! You can’t even drive into the park. The gate is closed. Police officers cannot patrol the park because of the gate. It would appear to be occupied by vagrants and bums. The ball fields are growing weeds. Modesto has spent thousands of dollars on that park. It used to be a great family park. Today I would never even think of taking my children there. But we are getting sidewalks and bicycle lanes on Briggsmore.

Don Schneider, Modesto