Letters to the Editor

Frank Granata: Ideology trumps constitutional rights

Well, the U.S. Supreme Court finally hit its nadir with the Hobby Lobby decision, allowing personal ideologies to supersede the U.S. Constitution.

The Founding Fathers attempted to rule out the adopting of any theocratic edicts by having the highest court in the land be free of political and doctrinal influences by adhering strictly to the secular provisions of the laws of the land. Over the years, the mandates have consistently been decisions based on party affiliations supported by religious superstitions. For shame, the desecration of this nation’s document of the world’s finest rules of conduct has been made mockery of by these political hacks who swore to honor and protect it.

This court’s majority has shown it follows the fragmenting, sanctimonious religious legions instead of the framers’ carefully written orders for national unity. Unfortunately, Chief Justice John Roberts is only the titular head of this group: It’s Antonin Scalia who is the real leader of these defilers. This decision will open a Pandora’s box, allowing for more stomping on workers’ beliefs.

Frank Granata, Merced