Letters to the Editor

Alicia Villegas: Tips for a safe summer

Regarding “Temperatures rise, people and pups dip” (Page B3, July 1): As temperatures are rising, people are finding ways to cool down. It’s important to keep yourself and your animals cool. First, stay hydrated. Whether on a road trip, working outdoors or just staying indoors, having a plan will make it easier to stay cool. Always wear sunscreen when outdoors; wear loose clothing; use fans, and eat fresh foods to maintain water levels. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugary soft drinks (they increase dehydration). Keep pets inside on extra-hot days and give them plenty of water. Never leave your pet inside a car. They can suffocate even with the windows rolled down. Never swim in canals and always watch your children at swimming pools.

Alicia Villegas, Ceres