Letters to the Editor

Tim Ragsdale: Bee bullies readers on border issue

The Bee opinion, “Where is America’s compassion?” (Opinions, July 6) regarding the mass illegal immigration, demonized American citizens that they don’t understand. It referred to them as “flag-waving bullies.”

The Bee claimed ownership of the “only one way to view” the chaos at our borders. There are not enough known facts to say this. For instance, how does The Bee know that sinister forces are not behind this mass migration hoping that a select few will slip through to hurt us?

The Bee made the criminals sound like victims and called for compassion but didn’t call for respect for our borders or laws. Our communities are already overflowing with lawless street dwellers being enabled by unbridled compassion. The concerned citizens villainized by The Bee are like many of us who have compassion fatigue for those who fail to live by the rules.

It is naive to believe America’s borders can be defended without doing some unpleasant things. Sending them back with the painful message that illegal immigration is not welcome is unpleasant but absolutely necessary.

The Bee’s “my way or the highway” position used the power of the press to bully its readers. I prefer a bully at the border.

Tim Ragsdale, Modesto