Letters to the Editor

Bob Jackson: Did religion affect Hobby Lobby case?

In the recent Supreme Court case involving the Affordable Care Act requirement that corporations provide insurance including contraceptives for employees, Hobby Lobby argued that IUDs and Plan B contraceptives were a “kind of abortion” and providing them would violate the religious freedom of the owners. Hobby Lobby is a large, family-owned corporation.

An unintended pregnancy is a major worry for most American women and most will have used contraceptives in their lives. Probably the best way to prevent a pregnancy is the IUD, which is the best answer to stopping abortions.

An interesting facet of this case is the religious affiliations of the court members. The court now has seven Roman Catholics, a Jewish woman and a Protestant man. All the votes to overturn this section of the Affordable Care Act were Roman Catholic men (five); two of the dissenters were Roman Catholic women. I guess gender trumped religion in this case.

Bob Jackson, Modesto