Letters to the Editor

Charles Lo: This limits teachers’ creativity

Regarding “Taking a close look at state’s Common Core” (Page B1, July 3): Being a high school student, I have experienced many teachers pass through my classrooms teaching us the ways of Common Core. The way I experienced the lessons left a bad taste in my mouth. Everything we learned from Common Core felt watered down and immensely boring. The textbooks we had were not used very much and it became more self-learning. The standards seem to be pushing for student creativity but prevent the creativity of teachers. It made teaching linear and it made teachers not very unique.

The change in testing is an optimal variant. The STAR test became a test that mattered little to many students. I see the problem in which there is a lack in technology to take the test, but when the technologies are acquired, they can be used for more than just testing – they can be used to teach as well.

Charles Lo, Ceres