Letters to the Editor

Larry Hoy: It’s dangerous and won’t work

Common Core should be viewed as a more dangerous agenda advocated by a consortium who want control of the American education system and a huge cut of the associated funding. They include: special interest groups representing failing city school systems who think that more funding can solve social problems; the U.S. Department of Education; very powerful textbook, software and test publishers; educational consulting firms; double-dipping retired school administrators; a new breed of unneeded, often counterproductive sub administrator and teacher coaches; and administrator associations seeking high salaries for their members.

Common Core and this agenda is not about about quality education; it is about who controls the flow of tax dollars away from where education actually takes place, the classroom. The consortium dismantled the very best and cheapest reform ever, class-size reduction, to pay for their costly agenda and salaries.

The surprising thing about Common Core is that there is no set common curriculum or common texts. I thought that we were going to go back to shared state texts and curriculum, as was the practice in the old days so that teachers had a clear idea of what to teach.

Larry Hoyt, Turlock