Letters to the Editor

Yvonne Hudson: May our beacon of hope always shine

Friday was our nation’s birthday and I have been thinking how lucky I am to live here. Watching last week’s protests in Murrieta reminded me of the influx of Southeast Asians after the Vietnam war. We didn’t fall apart, weren’t inconvenienced and, for the most part, these new citizens are productive, tax-paying members of a diverse nation. Why do folks want to come here with all our problems and political bickering? Our worst days are better than their best days in some of these dangerous, corrupt, tyrannical countries. We all would jump at the chance to come to America in the same situation. Americans enjoy freedoms, opportunities, laws, justice and a safe haven from oppression. All of us have roots from somewhere. The Native Americans welcomed us at first so many years ago. We should share our blessings and have compassion. So Happy Birthday, America! May you always be a beacon of hope and light for all.

Yvonne Hudson, Modesto