Letters to the Editor

Bill Warner: Mideast policy doesn’t make sense

We invaded Iraq in 2003 to eliminate weapons of mass destruction and bring democracy to the country. Saddam Hussein was eliminated and Nouri al-Maliki was voted in with lots of U.S. backing. We knew he was not an inclusive leader when he was chosen. His policies have created such division, the nation is engulfed in a civil war. In the meantime, we have been supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia and Syrian rebels to fight Bashar Assad. Now those rebels are going to Iraq and we are calling them terrorists. Are we going to fight against a group that we supplied with weapons?

Don’t forget Egypt. After mass protests, they were finally allowed to elect their own leaders. Last year the Egyptian military overthrew the elected government. The U.S. refuses to call it a coup d’état because that would mean the government would have to quit sending weapons to Egypt. Former leaders as well as reporters are accused of being terrorists by Egypt, and are locked up or sentenced to death. John Kerry could have helped these reporters when he was in Egypt a few days ago but chose not to. What are we doing?

Bill Warner, Ceres