Letters to the Editor

Diana Doll: Hanson writes well, but wrongly

Victor Davis Hanson’s columns are gently and plausibly written. They are also a clever mix of truths, half-truths and omissions. In “Revisionist Iraq history prevailing” (Page A9, June 26), he says “Who lost Iraq? ... Some still blame George W. Bush.” No kidding. He then states the war was legal. But weapons inspectors reported zero evidence of WMDs, the U.N. Security Council did not authorize military force, and Saddam Hussein was not an imminent threat.

It’s true that thoughtful opinion writers bought into a studious hope that an inclusive and democratic Iraq would be a model for the region. I think they did not dream that the State Department’s post-war plans would be tossed, chaos and looting would be tolerated and a divisive new leader supported.

Next, Hanson says the U.S. military decimated al-Qaida in Iraq. Just a minute. Islamist terrorists were not harbored in Saddam’s Iraq. Brutal and devious as he was, Saddam ran an orderly country where sectarian acting-out was not allowed and where women’s freedoms were protected. Al-Qaida and radicalized hangers-on flocked in well after the U.S. invasion, the biggest blunder in our history, according to some. Revise that.

Diana Doll, Modesto