Letters to the Editor

David J. Fauskin: Founders feared too much religion

Regarding “Turning from God courts destruction” (Letters, June 27): The writer states, “our Founding Fathers would turn over in their graves to see how far we’ve come against God’s laws.”

Really? Founding Father Thomas Jefferson was such a God-fearing man that he rewrote the New Testament, carefully editing out all references to miracles. I believe it was John Adams who said the country was more in need of lighthouses than churches. Ben Franklin wasn’t really big on Christianity, and the father of our country, George Washington said, “The United States was in no sense founded upon the Christian doctrine” (Article XI Treaty of Tripoli, passed by Congress in 1797).

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but they’re still only opinions without some basis in fact.

David J. Fauskin, Modesto