Letters to the Editor

Mark Kirkes: Debating economic theory

Regarding “Trickle-down simply won’t work” (Letters, June 30): It is definitely understandable that the writer does not hold a degree in economics because if he did he would understand that the government does not create jobs, businesses do. If we continue to rely on government loans to create jobs, at some point we will borrow ourselves into job extinction.

I agree that the government must take an active role in job creation, but that role should be more business- and worker-friendly. Corporations large or small are not the enemy, they are our most important asset. We must become more business-friendly now as we are competing globally; tax cuts might be necessary to keep jobs here.

The writer blamed one political party over the other, but the truth is we need better leaders, period. Political leaders that will unite not divide, starting from the top down.

Mark Kirkes, Turlock