Letters to the Editor

Mark Schmitz: Others’ concern lifts his spirits

My faith in humanity was restored. I had to fix my sprinkler that was, for some reason, spraying vehicles going up and down the street. Recently being confined to a wheelchair, I wheeled out to the end of my driveway, tossed a tarp on the ground, bailed out of the wheelchair and laid on the ground to make repairs. Within a minute or so I heard a car moving slowly toward me. I looked up and saw a lady poke her head out the window and ask if I was OK. I answered, “Yes, just fixing my sprinkler.” She said, “I thought you fell out of your wheelchair so I thought I better turn around to see what had happened and try to help you.”

I thanked her for her concern. As she was leaving, two other cars stopped and both guys came across the street to make sure I was OK. It never dawned on me that it looked like I had fallen out of the chair. Just goes to show you that even in this messed-up world, a lot of people still care about others.

Mark Schmitz, Modesto