Letters to the Editor

Joe Jordao: Work together to mitigate drought

I keep reading how farmers should have the water they use metered like homes in town. My question for those who have metered water, do you pay for the electricity to have your water pumped to your homes? I farm in Stanislaus County, using both surface and groundwater for my crops. The water I pump from the ground goes right back when I flood irrigate. The same goes for the surface water I get from TID, which adds to the underground water. I pay for my water either through electricity or per acre-foot from TID; it’s not free.

We all live here. We need to stop pointing fingers at each other and just work together. Everyone talks about more storage. How about finding more water before we worry about where to put it? California needs to look into desalination now. Imagine a desalination plant on the Delta, just before the Bay, that would pump water back to Don Pedro, then from there to other reservoirs. There would be enough water for people, farmers and fish on dry years. This is what we need to be fighting for. Let’s start working together.

Joe Jordao, Turlock