Letters to the Editor

George Kilian: Supervisor doesn’t make sense

Supervisor doesn’t make sense

Regarding “Rush to drill is uneven” (Page A1, June 29): When we built our home, I got a county permit. This meant fees, plans, reviews and inspections. All this for community protection. Contrast this with permits for ag wells. No mapping the aquifer, no report on water pumped, no knowledge of supply. In short, no ability to know if the community is being harmed.

There have been articles regarding wells drying up, and the future of our water supply in the face of the drought and water exploitation around the county. The latest story quoted a supervisor saying emotion had to take a back seat to science. The supervisor hypothesized that large wells might not be the cause of the declining water table, because they sank their wells deeper than residential wells. Science needs observation, data and facts. Supervisors oversee a process that precludes gathering data and facts. Observation is left, so I observe that if a pool drains from the deep end, the shallow end empties first.

Until the county gets serious and gathers water supply data, I’ve got my hypothesis about the orchard developers working on dry land. They are thieves, aided and abetted by a lack of county leadership, stealing their neighbor’s water to sell their products to China and India.

George Kilian, La Grange