Letters to the Editor

Judy Olson: Yosemite reserved for elitists

Regarding “Yosemite at 50” (Issues & Ideas, June 29): Wonderful trip down memory lane, which is all the trip described by Dick Hagerty will ever be. In a separate article on Page B3 there is a picture of a tree felled by nature, yet also explaining the effort by the U.S. Forest Service to “remove the human imprint in this part of Yosemite.” All humans in many parts of Yosemite are perceived destroyers who must be removed. The park is then available to elitists who have access through their powerful environmental groups and photojournalist contacts. We review the beauty of Yosemite in books and magazines and remember. I wonder, if I asked to take a hike through Yosemite with my camera, guides and guns (to kill bird species that I wished to study), would I be allowed to do so? Ansel Adams did. And his visit was free.

Judy Olson, Soulsbyville