Letters to the Editor

Diane Kroeze: Turnout for marchers disappointing

Sad to say, the lack of people who showed up at Mancini Bowl to greet the March for Democracy marchers from Los Angeles to stop big money from dominating our way of life was very similar to the lack of those who voted in the recent primary. We won’t have to worry about big money ruling us, because our apathy will take our democracy from us.

The Republicans had a better showing, though not good, than the Democrats. Those who voted for Jeff Denham obviously liked the government shutdown. Ask those businesses affected by the Rim fire. He doesn’t think much of helping students, women or those requiring immigration reform. Look at his record. Seniors, he likes taking our Social Security out of government hands and giving it to stockbrokers.

Michael Eggman is an unknown. But he is a farmer in Turlock and a small-business man. He is a moderate Democrat, or a “Valleycrat” as he says, and wants to help the valley. He will not dump seniors, students and those without money for party points. Vote with your head, not emotion, but by all means please vote!

Diane Kroeze, Modesto