Letters to the Editor

Israel Leon: Defend borders like your front door

Regarding “Clinton’s immigration misstep” (Opinion, June 30): It’s hard for anyone to fight for what is right, but it shouldn’t be so hard when it’s naturally right (a secure border), unless people think it’s OK to ignore the rule of law for reasons like “reuniting families.” If cohesion of the family was so important, then these parents would have never left their children behind.

Citizens of America who think it’s OK to ignore the security of our borders for the sake of a better life fail to understand that a better life rests on the pillars of law and order. They also lack a real sense of ownership for America. That border is not some distant line in the desert. That border should be secured and defended as the front doors of our homes.

No one will let a stranger inside their home who hasn’t knocked first. There are citizens who think it’s OK for someone to enter through the windows. America will continue to have illegal immigration problems until citizens take ownership and see America like they see their own homes; then they will defend her.

Israel Leon, Modesto