Letters to the Editor

Dick Grayson: Country is falling apart

I have lived in our great country many good years, but what is happening with today’s citizens is not good. So many want the government to support their lives by giving them food stamps and free housing. Now some are even looking for free cellphones.

I know there are some Americans are unable to work, and I can understand helping these poor folks. But the people in control in Washington, D.C., will do anything to keep their positions, and with Mr. Obama our president, his politics are very socialist, and this great country has always been “if you want something, you have to work for it.” That builds a stronger society and a strong workforce.

I wouldn’t want this country go further in the socialist direction; so please, my American countrymen, stand up and vote these people out of their lifelong positions and make sure the next person we put in the White House loves this country.

Dick Grayson, Manteca