Letters to the Editor

Dennis Thomas: Who needs Congress? We’ll make our own laws

We have always heard: “If you work hard and play by the rules, you will succeed in America.” Right?

Not necessarily. There is a new way to succeed in America. How can this be true? Well, it’s true.

Our current Congress has passed the fewest laws, been in session the fewest number of days and has enjoyed the longest periods of paid vacation. So, if you want a high-paying job working a minimal number of days and enjoying endless paid vacation, you need to become a member of Congress. What a cushy job!

The cry of “throw the bums out” has been heard across this country more times than I can remember. So before you say it again, I have an alternative.

Let’s move from a “representative democracy” to a true democracy. We now have the technology to make this reality possible. Through the use of computers and interactive TVs this could become reality. We could propose laws and vote on them in the comfort of our homes. We would eliminate all those “freeloading bums,” their staffs and all those lobbyists. The billions we could save would be staggering. But, we would never do that would we? Carpe diem!

Dennis Thomas, Modesto