Letters to the Editor

Bad time to give chancellor a raise

I have no doubt that the Yosemite Community College District chancellor is a great, competent public servant who deserves the salary increase of $44,000 recently given her over and beyond the already adequate compensation of $200,000. But, come on! Given the tight times everybody is going through and the cuts in classes and faculty in the district, doesn't it look like the wrong time for such a raise to anybody, no matter how good they are at their duties, especially when most people don't even make close to the amount being added to the already hefty sum paid for that position? I'm sure there are others doing an excellent job, too; after all, that's what's expected, isn't it?

No wonder resentment is growing so noticeably between high and low earners, and the "haves" and "have nots" are getting very visible. It's disturbing, to say the least, to watch the gap between rich and poor get bigger and bigger. I can see how the class war so often mentioned nowadays gets created, and this wonderful country of ours is starting to resemble a Third World country more and more.