Letters to the Editor

Denham drank the Kool-Aid

Kudos to Rep. Jeff Denham for his courage in facing voters Aug. 4 at Beyer High School.

Many of those in attendance, including me, were upset and disillusioned with what Congress has brought forth. Many felt that the average taxpayer was taking the brunt of the recession.

Never have I been moved to such political activism as I have over the last year or so. To see the lack of understanding of the economy and the lack of appreciation for the need for informed and enlightened government is disillusioning and frightening.

Unfortunately, I fear Denham has partaken of the Kool-Aid. His comments were riddled with euphemisms and buzz words. As important as agriculture is to the valley, I don't see how getting more water for farmers on the West Side will result in more meaningful, good-paying jobs for the 17 percent that have none.

There were a lot of calls for a more compromising attitude among legislators, but since Denham has taken "the pledge," we know that he will not be one of those willing to compromise. Too bad. I had high hopes, but went away not quite feeling any better for having been there.