Letters to the Editor

Tea party is like Confederacy

The problem our nation is having now is not between the president and the Republicans, it is between the president and the elected tea party representatives. A very high percentage of these representatives and their constituents believe that Obama is not an American, and-or Obama was elected illegally by voters who were either felons, illegal aliens or not registered to vote.

The tea party people want their country back. Talk to them. They are more than willing to tell you all the misconceptions, lies and half-truths to back up their beliefs. Through lies and fear the tea party has grown, and with financial help from the extreme right wing and the help of Fox News they have become a force. Like their forefathers in the south in 1861 who were willing to go to war and destroy the U.S. government over the issues of secession and the right to own property (slaves), the current tea party is willing to have the United States default, lose Social Security and Medicare, have the stock market crash, all because the tea party must prove to the American people that the White House is no place for an African American.