Letters to the Editor

Why is Assemblywoman Olsen complaining?

Kristin Olsen
Kristin Olsen

I recently received an e-mail newsletter from Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen complaining about this year's state budget. As Olsen did not participate in the creation of this year's state budget, what right does she have to complain?

Olsen ignored my requests for her to work with Gov. Jerry Brown to obtain a fair and balanced budget. Instead, she boycotted the entire process, using a pledge she signed during her campaign for election as an excuse.

For her district, Olsen did nothing to obtain what we need during a time of severe economic distress. In losing redevelopment funds, we will be economically worse off.

In her newsletter, Olsen says Californians "deserve better," but she walked out and did nothing. In fact, she denied us any voice by refusing to let citizens vote on Brown's temporary tax extension proposal.

We deserve better representation in Sacramento, not political theater.