Letters to the Editor

The non-Democratic Party should change its name

The job stimulus package equates to $278,000 spent for each job created. Most projects were done with union workers. High-speed rail is another boondoggle payment to unions along with 1,400 Obamacare waivers.

Washington has always had a spending problem, and now it has reached the breaking point. The U.S. Treasury borrows 40 cents for each dollar it spends. Can you imagine what could be done in our country if that 40 cents was not spent with interest on our debt?

President Barack Obama wants another stimulus plan along with hidden tax increases. Fifty percent of the population are takers of entitlements. The other 50 percent are the workers and taxpayers. Taxpayers are told to "eat your peas" and enjoy this socialistic cancer.

The word "democratic" no longer describes the Democratic Party. The correct name for the party is "The New Obama Socialistic Party of the United States."

Riots and financial meltdowns in Europe prove socialism is a failure! Wake up, America, and take it back! In 2012, pick a candidate who reflects the will of the people and not a politician who is arrogant and narcissistic.