Letters to the Editor

Right statistic, wrong reason

A July 8 letter, "Obama wants broke nation," accurately quotes Alliance for Justice's report that President Barack Obama has had a smaller percentage of his nominees to federal judgeships approved by the Senate than any other president. The letter, however, makes the spurious inference that this tragic fact is due to the quality of the president's nominees. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, almost all the president's nominees to the federal courts are noncontroversial, and many are supported by Republican senators from their home states. All are well qualified and the vast majority has been approved unanimously by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But when the nominees get to the point when they should receive final votes from the whole Senate, the process screeches to a halt solely due to deliberate Republican tactics of obstruction and delay.

With almost one out of seven federal judgeships currently vacant and courts increasingly overburdened — some to the breaking point — it is the American people who are paying the price of these parliamentary games. The fault lies not with the quality of the president's nominees, but with pointless, poisonous partisanship.


president, Alliance for Justice

Washington, D.C.