Letters to the Editor

Great Republican overreach

The Leal Garcia execution (not abiding by treaties we have signed) is only the latest example of Republican overreach. They have attacked the Main Street recovery (not the Wall Street one), unions, voting rights, class-action lawsuits, democracy, Medicare and Social Security.

We got into this mess by 30-plus years of mostly Republican borrowing from our own rich (only recently have we turned to the foreign wealthy) that they previously taxed (70 percent income tax for the top 2 percent under Eisenhower). Bill Clinton left office with the annual budget in the black and on track to pay off the deficit by now. George W. Bush cut taxes for the rich ($3 trillion), doubled the Defense Department budget and spent $4 trillion extra on two wars – more than half the current deficit.

Now Republicans hold our middle- class economy hostage again, which is a win-win for the rich — no government, no education, no police nor regulations to protect people from their unfettered power. The Republican plan is to let the nation miss payments on the debt, bringing their Wall Street masters more interest and even higher profits. It's looking more like Pottersville or a third-world oligarchy all the time.