Letters to the Editor

Giving away our freedoms

Giving away our freedoms

The president, members of Congress and the Supreme Court take a solemn oath. Every member of the military takes a similar oath. Each is clear: "To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." Domestic enemies may well mean our own politicians. The concept of the separation of powers is that one branch of government would prevent another branch from ignoring the Constitution andmoving toward tyranny.

Unfortunately, both political parties have the same agenda for America regardless of which branch they control. One party just wants to get there faster than the other. Politicians routinely argue and posture over their beliefs about what America needs. In the end they seem more devoted to supporting and defending their freedom-grabbing agenda rather than supporting and defending the Constitution. Whoever has the least amount of freedom has the least amount of power. As long as we continue to vote for those who are devoted to themselves rather than to protecting and defending our Constitution and neglect to vote out those who have ignored their oath, we will continue to give our freedoms away to those who fear a free society.