Letters to the Editor

Food safety danger is overblown

In response to "GOP's food safety cuts put U.S. at risk" (Editorial, June 27, Page A-7): Right off the bat, by reading the headline, I see bias.

I'm writing on the side of common sense. First of all, any cuts to our broken U.S. budget are a plus for all Americans. Outbreaks of unsafe food are bound to happen, whether the food inspection executives are making $150,000 a year, instead of $200,000.

We all at times have to tighten our belts for the good of all.

The food safety industry will continue to do a good job; they are observant and intelligent people.

I'm in my 60s and I never experience unsafe food and the hundreds of my relatives and friends have never been to the hospital for E. coli.

What you are trying to feed us with your biased opinions? They should be inspected for safety measures, for our country.