Letters to the Editor

Open invitation to meetings

The letter "Meeting topic's history was off" (June 28) is typical of those who have no idea who, or what, the Tea Party Patriots are. He neglected to mention that our speaker that evening was Arkady Faktorovich, a Russian Jewish emigre who grew up in the Soviet Socialist Republic, and served in the Soviet military. He left Russia in the mid 1970s at age 30 and came to America. Faktorovich presented a history of Russia, its leaders from the mid 1800s to today, and a step by step explanation of how his country went from a totalitarian monarchy to a totalitarian socialist/communist state.

Faktorovich will speak again at our July 21 meeting in a continuance of his initial presentation, and about our Federal Reserve banking system. I invite everyone, including the letter writer, to attend. Our Web site is www.northvalleypatriots.com