Letters to the Editor

Taxpayers should stand up to unions, bloated perks

In response to Kris Walley's editorial (June 26): First, it is taxpayers who employ educators. We have the freedom to stand against the unions and request that bloated perks end.

We are struggling with economic problems in California and the United States. As a taxpayer married to a small business owner, we worry over health care, failing stock market values, as well as devaluation of currency. When markets drop, there is no safety net to guarantee private employees receive the highest dollar amount in the 401(k) statement. Why do union employees demand the taxpayer guarantee a safety net that small-business taxpayer is not guaranteed?

Small-business owners risk capital and hopefully positively contribute to the community. They pay the majority of taxes and risk the most. The small business owner is not thinking about retirement in their fourth decade. They are contributing to Social Security only to have it disappear into hands of those who do not pay taxes. I am a working wife of three decades in an private industry which no longer offers pensions. The times have changed in the "for-profit" model. Economic times strongly suggest a paradigm shift for the public workers as well.