Letters to the Editor

What has House majority done?

Am I the only one who has noticed that before Republicans took over the House, the economy was rebounding? Now that they've been in power for six months, they have been stalling on the budget — no to taxes on the wealthiest, yes to cuts on the poor and working stiffs. Then they bring back social issues that pit us against one another like abortion, immigration and gay rights while our economy is beginning to stall. Remember, "it's the economy stupid"? Well, it still is!

While the economy stalls, we read that major financial and oil corporations are showing record profits; still paying CEOs exorbitant amounts, while the average American worker (the most productive in the world, by the way) has stagnant wages, more hours and less time off than other industrialized nations. All this while our GDP is almost back to pre-recession levels.

Did I mention the record profits? So, instead of giving the bulk of these profits to shareholders, perhaps it should be shared with the employees who actually helped create them? Then they can, I don't know, maybe spend it on consumable items like houses, cars, clothing, food. You get the idea.