Letters to the Editor

Meeting topic's history was off

I recently read that the Merced/Atwater Tea Party Patriots had a meeting to discuss "Russia's Fall into Socialism." While the propaganda machine of the Soviet Union avowed that it was "socialist" to seize its moral force among working people and the propaganda machine of the United States pointed to the Soviet Union and called it "socialist" to associate it with a political dungeon and thus help undermine popular, democratic, socialist movements around the world, the facts belie the rhetoric.

The Soviet system was basically a state-capitalist system, and the leaders (Bolsheviks) made no bones about this. The first thing Lenin and Trotsky did when they took power in October 1917 was to destroy all of the forms of socialist initiative that had developed since the start of the Russian Revolution in February 1917. They eliminated workers' control of production, undermined the soviets, eliminated the Constituent Assembly, dismantled every form of popular organization in Russia and set up a command economy with wages and profits, on a state-capitalist model. The brutal suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion of workers itself would dispel any notion that the Soviet Union was socialist.

The Tea Party Patriots' alleged "fall" simply never happened.