Letters to the Editor

Moms shouldn't drink booze

My grandson and I recently had dinner at a local restaurant. We got there around 8 p.m., and after we had been seated, a young woman with a baby in a stroller was seated across from us. About 15 minutes later, another woman with an infant and a little girl about 4 or 5 years old joined her.

As we were leaving about 9 p.m., the waitress brought each of these mothers an alcoholic drink; they looked like a margarita and a grasshopper. Mothers are supposed to protect their children and keep them out of harm's way, which neither of them were doing when they were drinking. Then they would get in their cars and drive under the influence with that precious cargo in the same car.

Women like that do not deserve children. All they can think about is their needs and not the safety of their child.