Letters to the Editor

Wal-Mart is good for Ceres' coffers

Having attended the past few hearings on the proposed Wal-Mart and shopping center, I feel compelled to point out that our current Wal-Mart generates the most sales tax revenue in the entire city of Ceres. We aren't talking about a store that is barely making it that wants to expand. We are talking about the store that does the most business in the city! And here we are complaining about an opportunity to build a new Wal-Mart, with a grocery component, that will not only continue to generate sales tax revenue but put many unemployed men, women, teenagers and seniors to work.

I am disappointed to see a small handful of residents turn up their noses to this proposed development. A vacant dirt lot is not going to create jobs, improve roads and intersections, offer groceries at affordable prices or generate any new sales tax revenue to our dwindling city coffers. But a new Wal-Mart store and shopping center will do all those things and more.

Let Wal-Mart build in Ceres.