Letters to the Editor

Radanovich should support constituents

Congressman George Radanovich's "Two Gates solution" (May 24) is too little, too late. The congressman states the long-term solution is a California aqueduct that bypasses the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta. The aqueduct was needed in 1994, when he was elected. Where has he been? Why did he not use his position, as a member of the majority party, to promote building the aqueduct he sees as a solution to our water problem?

Rather than push for permanent solutions to 19th District's water problems, Radanovich has taken positions making them worse. He was an original sponsor of the bill funding the San Joaquin River Settlement. This settlement removed 250,000 acre-feet of San Joaquin River water (approximately 50 percent of Millerton Lake's capacity) used by farmers and sent it to the Delta. He did this knowing Delta pumps returning water to his district were likely to be shut down.

Adding insult to injury, Radanovich suggests a lack of political will among his constituents. He recommends they rally around his Two Gate solution. What is really required is a congressman with the political will to fight for those who put him in office.


North Fork